A survey by the Money Advice Service has found that “UK adults are hiding more than £96 billion of debt from friends and family, with the average amount of hidden debt in the UK standing at £4,164 per person”.

This can put an incredible strain on relationships and cause individuals a huge amount of stress.

When people in debt first walk into our office you can see the trepidation on their faces, as this may be the first time they have shared their information with anyone. By the time the meeting is concluded the relief is palpable and the person will have a plan in place to try and deal with their debt.

This is borne out by the Money Advice Service who have found that “Eight in ten people who get advice about their debts say they feel less stressed, less anxious and more in control of their lives”.

Don’t deal with your money issues on your own; talk to family, speak to an expert and put a plan in place to enable you to move on with your life.


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